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Overseas Student Scholarship, University of Abertay Dundee, UK

Informasi tentang Overseas Student Scholarship, University of Abertay Dundee, UK akan disampaikan kali ini, silahkan baca informasi Overseas Student Scholarship, University of Abertay Dundee, UK dibawah ini

Overseas Student Scholarship Scheme
Academic Year 2012-2013

University of Abertay Dundee

The Overseas Student Scholarship Fund is open to students living outside the European Union and the European Free Trade Area, who are liable to pay overseas tuition fees and whom the University of Abertay Dundee believes would bring to the University additional personal and academic qualities. The Fund will support individual scholarships based on academic merit, and/or personal achievement in either sports or music. They will be available for students enrolling for study at Abertay in September 2012.

The value of each scholarship award will be directly related to the quality of the individual applicant’s academic merit and/or his or her personal achievements in sport or music.

The value of the award to individuals may therefore vary, but would not exceed the value of the tuition fee, and be subject to the amount of the total Scholarship Fund remaining when the application is considered.

Deadline for Applications
The University has set 31st January 2012 as the deadline for applications for the first round of awards. Two further rounds of applications for the academic year 2012/13 will be invited with deadlines of the 30th April and 31st July 2012.

Students applying for one or more full years of study at the University of Abertay Dundee, at either undergraduate or postgraduate level, will be eligible to apply for a scholarship.

Undergraduate students who are granted a place on a University of Abertay Dundee full-time degree course and are awarded a scholarship will benefit from the scholarship funding each year, for up to four years depending on the length of their course1. For taught postgraduate degrees, successful applicants will enjoy scholarship funding for the duration of their course (normally between 12 and 18 months).

The Academic Merit Scholarships will be available to those with outstanding academic merit, based on their proven academic record at school and/or college and/or university at the point of application.

The Personal Achievement Scholarships will be available to those applicants whose personal achievements in sport or music demonstrate a commitment and determination to excel in other aspects of life.

The Personal Achievement Scholarships are not being presented as Sports Scholarships or Music Scholarships in the conventional sense. They are however designed to reward those who can demonstrate their achievements to date in their chosen musical or sporting field. The University of Abertay Dundee has a strong record of individual and institutional achievement in both areas. It has run a highly successful Elite Athletes programme for many years, supporting individual sports men and women who are competing at national or international level, and who have also represented the University in their sport. Among Abertay’s sporting alumni are: a women’s tae kwon do world champion, a European amateur golf champion, and international competitors for Scotland and or the UK in rugby union, judo, athletics, figure-skating, hockey, gymnastics, soccer, and waterpolo. In music, Abertay is one of only a handful of universities in the UK to have its own pipe band, linked to a thriving University traditional music club.

Among the sporting scholarships will be: 11 Cricketing Excellence Scholarships, 8 Golf Handicap Scholarships, 11 Football Scholarship, 15 Rugby Union Scholarship, 5 Basketball Star Player Scholarship. Other sporting scholarships are available for Volley Ball, Hockey, Badminton, Ladies Netball, Boxing, and Snow Sports.

Applicants will be asked to justify their applications through, for example, membership of their relevant regional or national sporting teams or demonstrable excellence at club level.

Among the available music scholarships will be: 2 Piano Solo Performance Scholarships, 2 Piano Ensemble Scholarships, 4 Digital Keyboard Performance Scholarship, 2 Guitar Solo Performance Scholarships, 2 Guitar Ensemble Performance Scholarship as well as scholarships for all sections of orchestral performance, as well as traditional musical instruments (non-western) and traditional western musical instruments (e.g. Fiddle, Bagpipes). Applicants will be expected to demonstrate their achievements through certified performance skills in their chosen musical form.

Guidance Notes
Eligibility: You can only apply for a scholarship if you have submitted an application for a place on a degree or postgraduate programme at Abertay.

Level of musical/sporting achievement required
We would expect that you will be able to submit evidence of having achieved an advanced level by a recognised body in the musical or sporting world.

Music: Evidence of successful examination performance (e.g. Associated Board Examinations or equivalent) and/or selection to play in a regional or national orchestra or other major successful musical group.

Sport: Evidence of selection to a regional or national team or recognised qualifications from an approved sporting body / association. Applicants for golf should submit evidence of their handicap.

Scholarship Offers
Scholarships will only be paid if you successfully meet any conditions of the offer made and will be deducted from the overall fee payable. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have sufficient funds to cover remaining costs.

Deferring Entry
It is not possible to defer a scholarship to start in another academic year. You would need to reapply.

Multiple scholarships
You can apply for any, or all of the academic merit, sport or music awards but it will not be possible to qualify for more than one of our scholarships or other fee reductions.

Scholarship Recommendation Pro-Forma
This should be a short letter on headed paper from your School, College, University, or relevant Music/Sport Institution stating the following:

  • This is to confirm that (Name of Institution) supports the application of (name of student) for a scholarship on the grounds of outstanding musical excellence/sporting excellence in the area of (e.g. violin/cricket)
  • Position of staff member
  • Name
  • Signature and date

Application submission
Applications for scholarships must be completed in full and all required documents must be submitted with the completed scholarship application form. If you do not provide all of the information and documentation requested, your application will not be considered.

If possible applications should be scanned and submitted electronically as attachments. They should be sent to [email protected] with the subject heading Scholarship Application.

Alternatively they can be mailed (please send copies not originals) to arrive by the closing date to:

Scholarships Student Recruitment Office
University of Abertay Dundee,
Bell Street
United Kingdom

Scholarship deadline
The scholarship committee will meet on 3 occasions and the relevant deadlines are:

  1. 31st January 2012
  2. 30th April 2012
  3. 31st July 2012

Applicants will be notified whether they have been successful within 4 weeks of the relevant closing date.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Candidates must complete the relevant application form (where appropriate) and supply supporting documentation by the relevant deadline for awards. We regret that applications and associated documentation received after the deadline cannot be considered.
  2. Awards are only available to candidates eligible to pay full-time overseas tuition fees.
  3. Applicants must be available to take up their place on the course in September 2012. Overseas Scholarship awards cannot be deferred. Applicants who are unable to commence study at that time must re-apply for consideration under future Overseas Scholarship arrangements.
  4. Once an award has been made, applicants must confirm their acceptance of the Scholarship within two weeks of notification. Failure to do so will result in the award being withdrawn and offered to another applicant.
  5. Scholarships are awarded as a reduction in the total tuition fee payable; it is not a cash award.
  6. Scholarships cannot be used as a method of paying the University’s tuition fee prepayment requirement.
  7. Sponsored students (defined as government/company) are eligible to apply. As the scholarship is discounted from the overall tuition fee paid; it is therefore a reduction in the fees for the official sponsor.
  8. Applicants can apply for multiple scholarships, but students may only be awarded one University of Abertay Dundee Scholarship i.e. applicants cannot receive multiple awards.
  9. Students coming through one of our partner institutions can make an application to be considered for Scholarships, but can only receive either the partner discount or the Scholarship.
  10. The Scholarship is of fixed value, does not increase with inflation and is awarded for the full length of the course but is not payable for repeat years of study.
  11. All students who are awarded a scholarship agree to allow the Student Recruitment Office to share their data with other departments/services within the University.
  12. The University reserves the right to use information collected from students who are awarded a scholarship in our promotional activities, for example by featuring profile/story/details of award holders in the University’s student recruitment activities; however, we will not give out your personal information without your permission, via a request from us.
  13. The University’s decision on the equivalence and eligibility of your qualifications is final.
  14. The University’s decision on awards is final.Link
  15. The University reserves the right to amend, discontinue or withdraw the Overseas Scholarships scheme at any time without prior notice.

For more information, please visit official website.

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