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Master and PhD Scholarships in Energy Science at Sungkyunkwan University

Informasi tentang Master and PhD Scholarships in Energy Science at Sungkyunkwan University akan disampaikan kali ini, silahkan baca informasi Master and PhD Scholarships in Energy Science at Sungkyunkwan University dibawah ini

The Department of Energy Science (DOES) is pleased to invite international students who have passion to conduct cutting edge research and make breakthroughs in energy sciences, proposing solid solutions for the global energy crisis.

Applicable Programs

  • Ph.D. Program
  • Combined Master`s-Doctorate Program


  • Full tuition fee (approx. USD 6,000 every semester)
  • Monthly subsidy of USD 600 on average (might vary from each advisor)
  • Student Award for outstanding students

* Applicants need not apply for the scholarship separately, as the accepted students will automatically be granted with them on their entrance.

Application Timeline

  • Application Submission Deadline: November 2-24, 2011 (Application Documents should arrive by the date.)
  • Announcement of Successful Candidates : Jan. 6
  • Start of the 2012 Spring Semester : Feb 27, 2012


  • Applicants for Combined Mastr`s-Doctorate Program should have earned a degree that is equivalent to a Korean bachelor`s degree or should be supposed to obtain a bachelor`s degree by February 2012
  • Applicants for Ph.D. Program should have earned a degree that is equivalent to the Korean master`s degree or should be supposed to obtain a Master`s degree by February 2012

Application Procedure

  • Email the filled application forms to [email protected] first.
  • Submit the required documents by post to arrive by Nov. 24, and send the application fee.
  • The list of required documents and the process of sending the fee is written below.

Required Documents
All the applicants are required to submit the following list of documents :

a. Application Form Papers:

  1. Download the forms here
  2. Fill out the forms with required information: application form, self-introduction, study plan, letter of consent, and letter of request.
  3. Preferred length for the two essays, “self-introduction” and “study plan”, is 3-4 pages.
  4. In the form “letter of consent”, you should fill out all the blanks.
  5. In “letter of request”, you need to fill out from “Date” to “Student ID Number” on the first half of the page.
  6. Print out the completed forms and attach a photo on the first page of the forms.

b. Updated CV

c. Notarized Photocopies of Degree Certificates

  1. Bachelor`s degree certificate for applicants of the Combined Master`s-Doctorate Program
  2. Both bachelor`s and master`s for applicants of the Ph.D. Program

* If you haven`t been issued a degree certificate yet, whilst expecting one by August 2011, a provisional degree certificate or an authorized letter to prove the degree certificate issuance is required.
**The submission of a graduation/degree certificate and the transcript of the last semester need to be completed by February 24, 2012. The admission can be canceled if the student fails to submit the certificate by the deadline without justifiable reasons.

d. Transcripts

  1. Those of your undergraduate program for applicants of Combined Master`s-Doctorate Program
  2. Both undergraduate and graduate programs for applicants of Ph.D. Program

e. Official English Score
English scores as of the followings or higher:

  • TOEFL PBT 550, TOEFL CBT 210, TOEFL iBT 80
  • IELTS 5.5
  • TEPS 550

f. List of References and Recommendation Letter(s)

g. Photocopy of Your Valid Passport

h. Birth Certificate

  1. International applicants are required to submit the official birth certificate
  2. Chinese students are required to submit notarized copies of 户口本and 亲属关系证明书

Application Fee
USD 100 (or 100,000 Korean won)
Send the fee to “Sungkyunkwan University” by money order. (View a money order check sample) Or one can pay in cash with the help of your family/friend/acquaintance staying in Korea. The application fee will not be returned regardless of your application results.

Additional Requirements
The following documents are required for the relevant applicants :
a. Photocopy of Your Korean Alien Registration Card
If you are currently residing in Korea, you should submit the above document.

b. Certificate Letter of Governmental Scholarship
Above is required if you are a beneficiary of Korean governmental scholarship or Korean National Institute for International Education

c. If you are planning to bring a family member with you, you should also submit the official documents that can prove the relationship between you and the person as well as his/her passport.

d. Those who obtained their degree(s) in China need to submit one of the following two or else the admission can be cancelled:

  1. Verification Report of China Higher Education Qualification Certificate (View a sample)
  2. Credentials Report (View a sample)

To prepare the document, please look for 学历网上查询 (中國高等敎育学历査詢報告) at the website.

Notes and Instructions on Application Requirements

  • All the documents need to be original or else the copies should be proved same as original by the head of the certification issuance authority.
  • If the documents are not issued/written in either Korean or English, the translation that is approved by a notary public should be also attached.
  • Submitted documents will not be returned regardless of your application results.

Where to Submit
Post-mail your application documents to the following address:
Ms. Hyunok Ryu
Department of Energy Science,
Room 83183, Sungkyunkwan University,
300, Cheoncheon-dong,
Suwon, 440-746, Korea
Tel: +82-31-299-4273
Fax: +82-31-299-4279

Housing and Living Costs

On-campus Student Dormitory
a. Dormitory Fee and Meals
USD 1,000 – 1,500 per semester (111 days), depending on room type and the number of people you are sharing a room with, two meals a day included.

b. The detailed information and dormitory application guide will be provided separately for the successful candidates.

Off-campus Apartment Rent
a. housing: USD 300 to 400 /month + key deposit money 3,000 to 5,000 USD (which will be returned to you when the contract is over)

b. food: 200-300 USD/month (if you frequently go to restaurants, it can be higher)

c. utilities: USD 100 /month (it depends on seasons, in winter the gas bill itself could reach more than 90 USD or the electricity bill can skyrocket in summer due to air-conditioning)

d. others: vary depending on personal lifestyle

Admission Inquiries
Contact Hyunok Ryu at her email, [email protected] or the office phone to +82-31-299-4273

Official Website

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