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Якісні курси англійської мови для дорослих та дітей будь-якого віку. Швидке освоєння матеріалу, кращі вчителі. Поспішайте, доки діють акції.

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KGSP Graduate Scholarships, Chonnam National University, Korea

Informasi tentang KGSP Graduate Scholarships, Chonnam National University, Korea akan disampaikan kali ini, silahkan baca informasi KGSP Graduate Scholarships, Chonnam National University, Korea dibawah ini

Humanities & Social Sciences (Gwangju Campus)

Accounting, Agricultural Economics, Anthropology, Business Administration, Chinese Lang & Literature, Communication, Economics, Education, English Lang & Literature, English Lang Education, French Lang & Literature, Geography, German Lang & Literature, Global MBA, History, International Trade, Japanese Lang & Literature, Korean Lang & Literature, Korean Lang Education, Law, Library & Info Science, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Public Administration, Regional Development, Social Studies Education , Sociology

Natural Sciences (Gwangju Campus)
Agriculture Chemistry, Animal Science & Bioindustry, Animal Science & Biotech, Applied Biology, Applied Plant Science, Bioenergy Science & Tech, Biological Science & Biotech, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Clothing and Textiles, Earth Systems & Environmental Science, Family Environment & Welfare, Food and Nutrition, Food Science & Technology, Forest Products Tech, Forestry, Horticulture, Landscape Architecture, Mathematics/Statistics, Oceanography, Pharmacy, Physics, Rural& Bio-systems Eng, Wood Science & Landscape Architecture

Engineering (Gwangju Campus)
Advanced Chemicals & Eng., Architectural Eng., Civil Eng., Electrical Eng., Electronics & Computer Eng., Energy & Resources Eng., Environmental Eng., Industrial Eng., Materials Science & Eng., Mechanical Eng.

Arts (Gwangju)
Fine Arts, Music, Traditional Korean Music

Medical Science (Gwangju Campus)
Dental Science, Medical Science, Veterinary Medicine

Interdisciplinary Programs (Gwangju Campus)
Archival Studies, Bioenergy and Biomaterial, Biomedical Engineering, Brain Science, Cultural Properties, Electric Commerce, Global Diaspora Studies, Molecular Medical Science, Nano-Science & Technology, NGO Studies, Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language

Humanities & Social Sciences (Yeosu Campus)
Business Administration, English Language, International Trade, Special Education, Transportation & Logistics

Natural Sciences (Yeosu Campus)
Aqualife Medicine, Environmental Oceanography, Fisheries Science, Food Science & Nutrition

Engineering (Yeosu Campus)
Architecture, Automotive System Eng., Biotech & Chemical Eng., Civil and Environmental Eng., Computer Eng., Electrical & Semiconductor Eng., Electronic Communication Eng., Mechanical Design Eng., Refrigeration & Air-Cond. Eng.

Interdisciplinary Programs (Yeosu Campus)
Digital Convergence, Fisheries & Marine Policy Studies

Admission Schedule

For applicants applying via Chonnam National University

  1. Submission of application and related documents Feb.1.(Wed.) ~ Apr.6.(Fri)
  2. Application Review Apr.9.(Mon.) ~ Apri.10.(Tue)
  3. Announcement of successful applicants Apr.11.(Wed)

For applicants applying via a Korean embassy

  1. Submission of application and related documents May.7(Mon) ~ May.11(Fri)
  2. Application Review May.14(Mon) ~ May.22(Tue)
  3. Announcement of successful applicants May.23(Wed)

Start of Classes Sep. 3.(Mon)

Eligibility for Application

  1. The applicant and his/her parents have foreign citizenships.
  2. Applicants hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree as of September 1, 2012.
  3. Applicants should be in good health, both mentally and physically, to stay in Korea for a long period of time.
  4. Applicants must maintain a grade point average (G.P.A.) of at least 2.64 on a 4.0 scale, 2.80 on a 4. 3 scale, 2.91 on a 4.5 scale or grades/marks/score of 80% or higher at the previous institution.

If the transcript does not indicate grades/marks/scores, attachment of official explanation from the attended institution is required.

Additional Notes

  1. All documents should be in either Korean or English. Documents in other languages must be accompanied by notarized Korean or English translations.
  2. If applicants write their address and telephone number incorrectly, or they are out of contact, they are responsible for all the inconveniences resulting from those mistakes.
  3. Submitted documents will not be returned.

Application Procedure

  1. The document screening by each department includes the screening of the self statement, the study plan and the applicant’s academic records
  2. Those who could not get 60 points or higher out of 100 in the document screening will not be selected.

Campus Life

  1. Internship. CNU provides internship program to international students according to the MOU between Chonnam National University and Gwangju Technopark.
    1. Period: During summer or winter vacation less than two month.
    2. Place: Gwangju Technopark
    3. Duties: Trade business support
  • Translation of Manual
  • Translation between buyers
  • Answering phones, filing, data input into computer etc.
  • Payment: Approximately 40,000KWR (over 4 hrs a day) + Transportation support. Payment and working conditions would be negotiable.
  • Residence. The Residence Halls, accommodating 4,200 students, give students chances to live in the convenient housing environment on the beautiful campus.
  • International Peer Support. CNU International Peer Support aims to enhancing academic achievement and adaptation to university life for incoming international student by Korean partner students including the following Activities:
    1. Registering in classes and writing a study hour plan
    2. Participating in department gatherings and events
    3. Meeting academic advisors and obtaining other information
    4. Writing reports and assignments
    5. Preparing for examinations

    Chonnam National University
    Address: 77 Yongbong-ro, Buk-gu, Gwangju, Chonnam National University (500-757)
    Official Website.

    For more information on scholarships, please read: Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) for International Graduate Students

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