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Якісні курси англійської мови для дорослих та дітей будь-якого віку. Швидке освоєння матеріалу, кращі вчителі. Поспішайте, доки діють акції.

Вчитися ніколи не пізно, це знають всі. Тому курси англійської мови для дорослих чекають вас. Вигідні ціни, досвідчені викладачі.

KGSP Graduate Scholarships, Chonbuk National University, Korea

Informasi tentang KGSP Graduate Scholarships, Chonbuk National University, Korea akan disampaikan kali ini, silahkan baca informasi KGSP Graduate Scholarships, Chonbuk National University, Korea dibawah ini

Academic Programs (Graduate)

1. Humanities / Social Sciences :
Law, Education, Social Studies Education(D), Literature and Language Education(D), Korean Ethics, Social Welfare, Sociology, Journalism and Communications, Psychology, Political Science, Public Administration, Business Administration, Economics, International Trade, Accounting, Archaeology and Cultural Anthropology, Korean Language and Literature, German Language and Literature, Library and Information Science, History,English Language and Literature, Japanese Language and Literature, Chinese Language and Literature, Philosophy, French Studies, Spanish Language and Literature(M), English Education(D), Cognitive Science, International Cyber Trade and Area Study(M), Records Archives and Information Science

2. Natural Sciences/Agriculture :
Nursing, Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Biology, Agricultural Economics, Agronomy, Agriculture Chemistry, Bio-industrial Machinery Engineering(M), Food Science and Technology, Horticulture, Forest Products and Technology(M), Forestry, Landscape Architecture, Animal Science, Science Education(D), Human Ecology, Housing Environmental Design, Science Studies, Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Statistics, Chemistry, Molecular Biology(M), Physics Education(M), Biology Education(M), Earth-Science Education(M), Chemistry Education(M), Bio-industrial and Precision Machinery Engineering(D), Nano Science and Technology, Radiation Science and Technology, Bioactive Materials, Sports Science, Ecology Landscape Architecture-Design(M), Oriental Medicine Resources(M), Bio-Technology, Ecology Landscape Architecture-Design(D)

3. Engineering :
Architecture and Urban Engineering, Polymer Nano Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Design Engineering, Semiconductor Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Industrial System Engineering, Organic Materials and Fiber Engineering, Software Engineering, Mineral Resources and Energy Engineering, Materials Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electronic Information Materials Engineering, Mechanical System Engineering, Civil Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Environmental Engineering, BIN Fusion Technology, IT Applied Systems Engineering, Technology and Public Policy(M), Design and Manufacturing, Mechatronics Engineering, Bio·Nano System Engineering, Bioprocess Engineering, Energy Storage·Conversion Engineering, Energy Engineering, Image Engineering, Advanced Organic Materials Engineering, Information Security Engineering, Informatic Electronic Materials Engineering, Information and Communications(M), Intelligence Vehicle System Engineering, Healthcare Engineering, Applied Plasma Engineering, Flexible and Printable Electronics, Nano Semiconductors and Displays, Solar Energy Engineering

4. Medicine :
Veterinary Medicine, Medicine, Medical Science, Dentistry, Dental Science, Medical Nutrition Therapy, Clinical Speech Pathology

5. Arts /PhysicalEducation :
Physical Education, Dance(M), Fine Arts, Industrial Design(M), Music, Korean Music

Admission Schedule

  1. Notification 2012.2.1(wed) – On the website
  2. Application 2012.3.12(mon)~3.16(fri) – By visit or by mail
  3. Documents Screening 2012.3.19(mon) ~3.23(fri)
  4. First selection 2012.3.26(mon)~3.30(fri)
  5. Announcement of Accepted Applicants 2012.4.6(fri) – On the website and via email
  6. Recommendation Deadline 2012.4.13(fri) – On the website and via email
  7. Final selection 2012.4.23(mon)~4.25(wed) – NIIED
  8. Result notice 2012.6.11(mon) – NIIED
  9. Entry to Korea 2012.8.27(mon)~8.29(wed)
  10. Language course or graduate school begins 2012.9.3(mon)

Eligibility for Application

  1. Both applicant and his/her parents must be citizens of the foreign country. (Applicants cannot have Korean citizenship.)
  2. Applicants should be in good health, both mentally and physically, to stay in Korea for a long period of time.
  3. Should be under 40 years of age as of September 1, 2012
  4. Hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree or expected to get it as of August 31, 2012
  • Applicants who are enrolling or have already enrolled in the same academic program in Korea as the one they are applying for will not be admitted.
  • For Master’s program (or Integrated Master’s & Doctoral program): students who hold a Bachelor’s degree or a diploma that is equivalent to or higher than Bachelor’s degree
  • For Doctoral program: students who hold a Master’s degree or a diploma that is equivalent to or higher than Master’s degree.
  • Should have a grade point average (G.P.A.) at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, or grades/marks/score of 80% or higher from the previous attended institution
    • If the grade is difficult to convert to percentage, official explanatory documents from the attended university are required.
  • (Extra) Points will be added for those with TOPIK, KLPT, TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS certifications.
  • Applicants who apply for natural science and technology program may be given preference.
  • Campus Life

    1. Residence Hall (Dormitory)

    1. Fee: Approximately 240,000 Won/Month
    2. Applying for Residence Hall
    • An applicant who wishes to live in the Residence Hall must check on the Application Form.
  • Facilities
    • Two persons share a room.
    • Serving 3 meals a day except Saturdays and Sundays
    • Each room is furnished with a desk, chair, wardrobe, bed, shoe rack, bookshelf, Internet, bathroom, shower room, phone, desk lamp, etc. You need to provide your own blanket and pillows, as well as toiletry (soap, towel, etc.)
    • Common Room: lounge, seminar room, reading room, computer room, training room, AV room
    • Attached Facilities: laundry room (coin operated), dining hall, convenience store (CVS), stationery store, cafe, etc.
    • Office: +82-(0)63-270-3530
    • Official Website
    • E-mail: [email protected]

    2. Korean Language Classes & Korean Traditional Culture Classes

    1. Language Education Center of CBNU operates Korean Language Classes for graduate students.
    2. Level: Basic, Intermediate
    3. Period: Same as the Fall Semester, 2012
    4. Time: Monday through Friday, 13:00~13:50
    5. Fee: KRW 250,000
    6. How to Apply: Visit the Korean Language Center and take a level test.
    7. Inquiry: Korean Language Center located (+82-(0)63-270-2454, 2455)

    3. Traditional Korean Culture Experience

    1. There is “Traditional Korean Culture Experience” available in the undergraduate course. Graduate students can also attend this class.
    2. Class Hours: Total 32 hours (3 Saturdays and 1 Sunday, 8 hours/day for 3 weeks)
    3. Contents: Theory and Experience of Traditional Korean Culture
    4. Fee: Free of charge
    5. Place: Around Jeonju-si (Hanok Village)

    4. CBNU International Buddy(CIB) Program

    1. Program: 2 times a year (spring semester, fall semester)
    2. Meet Korean friends 1:1
    3. Meet Korean friends at least once a week and converse in Korean to help foreigners learn Korean language
    4. Help foreign students in school life and Korean life

    Mailing Address :
    International Affairs Office (1st fl, Annex of Headquarters)
    Chonbuk National University
    567 Baekje-daero Deokjin-Gu Jeonju-si Jeollabuk-do 561-756,
    Repulic of Korea
    Office : +82-(0)63-270-4382
    Fax : +82-(0)63-270-2099
    E-mail : [email protected]

    Homepage of CBNU

    Homepage of International Affairs Office at official website.

    Chonbuk National University
    Address: 567 Baekje-daero Deokjin-gu Jeonju-si Jeollabuk-do 561-756, Republic of Korea
    International Affairs Office (1st Fl, Annex of Headquarters)
    Official Website.

    For more information on scholarships, please read: Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) for International Graduate Students

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